Warranty Policy

Warranty BKL products

Your BKL bicycle/tricycle has been manufactured with the utmost care and delivered to you by your specialist dealer fully assembled.  In some countries that have ratified the EC directive, you have full legal warranty rights for the first two years after purchase. Please ask your dealer about the regulations in force in your country. If you notice any defects, your specialist dealer is the place to contact.

To facilitate the processing of your complaint, it is necessary to present your purchase receipt and the delivery note. Please keep these documents in a safe place.

In order to extend the service life and ensure the durability of the components, it is essential that the bike is used only for its intended purpose (see chapter «Before first use»).

In addition, the manufacturers’ installation instructions (especially the tightening torques of the bolts) as well as the enclosed instructions of the suppliers must be strictly observed and the maintenance intervals must be adhered to.

Carry out the checks and work described above, taking into account the need to replace certain safety-relevant components, e.g. handlebars, brakes, etc.

At the time of purchase, make sure you receive the invoice with the VIN of your vehicle. This will be needed when making warranty claims or ordering spare parts.

Wear and tear considerations

Some components of your bike/tricycle, by the nature of their function, are subject to a certain amount of wear and tear. The degree of wear depends on maintenance and use depending on mileage, rain, dirt, salt, etc. Bicycles that are frequently left outside, exposed to the elements, may be subject to more wear and tear.

These parts require regular care and servicing, but even if all care and maintenance requirements are met, these components will sooner or later reach the end of their service life. It is essential to replace the parts mentioned below when they reach their wear limit.

These are:

  • the chain
  • lighting and reflectors
  • brake cables and casings
  • brake pads
  • rims (if rim brakes are used)
  • grips or handlebar tape
  • chainrings
  • paint
  • bearings
  • sprockets
  • derailleur cables and
  • casings
  • tyres
  • saddle cover
  • lubricants
  • derailleur pulleys


Your BKL bicycle/tricycle is covered by a warranty, valid from the date of purchase by the original purchaser, of:

  • 2 years for the cycle part
  • 2 years for the electrical part

In the event of a warranty claim, BIKELECING reserves the right to supply the successor chassis, in the colour available; if that chassis is not available, then the next chassis. In any case, however, please consult your authorised BIKELECING dealer.

The manufacturer’s warranty is only valid for the original purchaser, who must present his receipt of purchase, the delivery note and the owner’s licence showing the date of purchase, the dealer’s address, the chassis and frame number.

Prerequisites for claiming the warranty are the use of the bike in accordance with the prescribed conditions, an inspection within the first 300 kilometres or within six weeks from the date of purchase, the use of original spare parts and original accessories as well as the inspection of the suspension systems once a year by a BIKELECING specialist dealer.

The warranty does not cover transport costs, working hours or costs caused by defects.

The warranty does not apply if the bike/tricycle has been used in competition or for jumping or if it has been subjected to excessive stress. 

The warranty does not cover damage caused by wear and tear, neglect (lack of maintenance and care), falling, overstressing due to excessive load, improper assembly and handling, as well as modification of components (installation and modification of additional components). 

In order to ensure a long service life and durability of the components, the manufacturers’ installation instructions must be strictly observed and the prescribed maintenance intervals must be adhered to. In case of non-observance of the installation instructions and maintenance intervals, this guarantee becomes invalid. Please observe the inspections described in this manual and the recommended regular replacement of certain safety components, e.g. handlebars, etc. If you have any questions, please contact your national dealer, or our website