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Personal Mobility

There are many ways to get around the city, but few are as comfortable as tricycles and electric scooters for personal mobility. As you will have seen around you, the streets are adapting to the new models of travel that are emerging, where sustainable means of transport are increasingly present. Not only do we become more environmentally friendly, but we also gain a great deal of independence.

One of the great alternatives that exist are the BKL ECO electric tricycles, which are designed for those who are looking for greater safety. They will move much more comfortably thanks to the stability provided by this vehicle. They are suitable for city trips, but also for mountain trips.

The electric version has pedal assistance through a 250W electric motor, which will allow you to tackle much better stretches of road that are uphill for you. It has an ergonomic design to maintain an upright posture at all times. It is designed for your rides, for commuting to work or running everyday errands. That’s why it has a basket at the front and one at the back to make it easy to load bags and parcels.

Therefore, you can get a lot out of the electric trike thanks to the many features it offers. In addition to fast charging, its range of up to 40 kilometers will allow you to move around carefree for a few days.

But there are other alternatives to tricycles that can be of great value. Naturally, electric scooters are one of the most widely used solutions for getting around in comfort. Forget about the car, traffic jams and the price of petrol. You will only have to recharge from time to time and you will have the opportunity to move around with complete independence.

Among the options available are the BKL LIFE electric scooter with wheels and the SURF PRO electric scooter. It can be said that they have little to do with the typical electric scooters that we find on the streets of our city. In the case of this last option that we propose, it has large wheels and a sturdy 100% aluminum frame. This will allow you to barely detect the bumps and irregularities that you encounter along the way. Therefore, it will be much more comfortable and easier to drive due to its robustness.

This vehicle, with a maximum load of up to 150 kilos, has a range of up to 60 kilometers, so you can go from one place to another without worrying about the battery.
High reliability and low maintenance vehicles
Just as the tricycle is presented as a very advantageous personal mobility proposal for people of a certain age, looking for comfort and safety; the scooter is perfect for young people with a touch of daring, where every trip will be an experience due to the benefits it offers. In any case, both options can be used by any type of person regardless of age.

The only thing you need is the desire to have a great time with these new means of transport, which stand out for their high reliability and minimal maintenance costs. So don’t miss the opportunity to experience first-hand these personal mobility systems. When you discover them you will not want to move in any other way, and in addition to the comfort and safety you will also notice the significant savings at the end of the month in your pocket.