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Mobility scooters and tricycles for personal use

If you’re looking for a new way to get around, at BKL, we offer the best tricycles and electric scooters for mobility.

Our tricycles come with the reassurance of maximum stability and safety for users. If you are someone who needs to get around a city or mountainous regionour BKL ECO electric tricycle has all the necessary features for any kind of user.With baskets in both the front and rear, you can carry all your belongings without any problem. 

If tricycles aren’t your thing, and you prefer to opt for a different kind of vehicle, no worries. At BKL we cater to the needs of all users, and we also offer the best electric scooters for mobility. We have the 3-wheel electric scooter BKL LIFE, as well as the BKL SURF PRO electric scooter.