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Electric bikes for the family

Bicycle enthusiasts tend to share their passion with their family. No one finds it strange to see how a father shares a fun weekend bike ride with his children. But at other times we will have no choice but to take the controls ourselves and take the youngest members of the family with us. Especially when they are young or when the route is too demanding. For this type of situation we have at our disposal electric bicycles for the family.

There are different proposals to consider that will suit everyone’s tastes. Those who prefer to carry a passenger on the back have the possibility of choosing the ECO CARGO KIDS electric bike. This is undoubtedly the most convenient option, as you will be guaranteed a very comfortable and safe ride. This will allow you to focus entirely on driving the vehicle and they will have a great time enjoying the scenery or the route.

It is presented as a very interesting solution to take the child for a walk or even to school. Thanks to its design you will enjoy a very easy driving, being able to access all the places you propose. It will be a good bike to join the sustainable mobility that concerns us so much in the cities.

In case you have to take more than one child with you on the bike, the most convenient proposal is to resort to the electric cargo bike BKL TWC KIDS. The accompanying system is located at the front and thanks to its wooden box you will have a great safety on the move, either to travel with your children or with pets. It is large enough to fit everyone inside. Forget about being too crowded or juggling to fit everyone in.

You will find it very comfortable to move with this model of electric family bike. At all times you will have controlled the occupants of the box to go in sight and no one will be left out on your excursions or outings on weekends. You have the guarantee that they will travel completely safe thanks to its long frame and its wooden box, which includes safety belts.
For traveling with children, animals, or even carrying groceries.
You can get a lot of performance from the large capacity you have available. In addition to children and pets, you can also use it to store your bags when you go shopping or even the backpack if you decide to go to practice sports or go on a route.

You will not have major drawbacks in terms of weight, since it supports up to 230 kilos and, in addition, you will have a range of 65 kilometers that will allow you to go to school and work or any family outing that you propose.

Regardless of the use you are going to give it, you can be sure that the engine of these bicycles will take you wherever you want to go. You will get a lot of performance especially in those areas where it is more difficult to pedal.

From now on you will have no more excuses to move around with your family. You can travel with peace of mind because they are compact vehicles, built to guarantee the best possible experience for both the adult who drives the bike and the passengers. But you can also take your dogs with you, who will travel very comfortably and enjoy the ride in this space designed for them. Either of the two options are very interesting.