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In an increasingly demanding market, BKL also provides a high level of engineering knowledge, making it possible for the projects and challenges they present us with to become a reality, helping them and providing them with differential values. Our mission is to achieve the best solution for our clients and, together, make a difference in an extremely competitive market.

Empresa BKL ECO

design and manufacture of electric vehicles in Spain


BIKELECING and its commercial brand BKL was born in 2013 with the aim of designing, manufacturing and assembling a new line of electric vehicles for different types of sectors. To date, BKL vehicles are working in Spain, Germany, Portugal, Holland, Switzerland, France and Finland, changing the production model in areas such as street cleaning, capillary logistics distribution, tourism and travel in large industrial areas.


The BKL CUSTOM product line was born due to the continuous demand of our customers who are looking for a solution adapted to a specific need. BKL, as an engineering studio and manufacturer, offers its clients the possibility of making a unique project a reality, 100% adapted to their needs.
There are no limits, a group of engineers and designers work day by day with our clients to turn a blank piece of paper into a new solution. During the course of this type of project, the customer actively participates in the conceptual design of his vehicle, the final result being part of him.

Linea de produccion BKL



At BKL FACTORY, we produce all our vehicles in compliance with the highest quality standards of the EUROPEAN UNION. All our vehicles undergo the most demanding tests in terms of stress tests, durability and performance, in order to give our customers and users a full guarantee on all models.

Our R+D+i department and our Quality department meet all market requirements. The result is a product of the highest quality at an incredible price.

Until the arrival of BKL, the market was only supplied by a few standardised models. Now, the Cargo Bikes sector is no longer a rigid sector with only a few vehicles to choose from.
Flexibility, efficiency, ecology, sustainability and warranty have been in our DNA since the first day of BKL’s existence.

BKL WARRANTY gives our customers and users all the peace of mind of a product designed, manufactured and assembled conscientiously in the European Union.

Now you own your own products and ideas. We will walk with you to make your project a success. With more than 10 years of experience, the result of our work in other organisations and the road travelled so far with BKL, we offer you all our KNOW-HOW to help you make your project a reality.